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Going from iPhone 6 to Moto g7 Power - will I be happy?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Donny Bahama, Feb 1, 2020.

  1. Donny Bahama

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    I’m thinking about making the change from an iPhone 6 to a Moto g7 Power. I’m not too worried about the display quality or camera. Likewise, the various apps that I use - I’m sure they’ll be fine. My biggest concern is voice functionality. I use my phone for my mobile business, so I use these commands all the time...
    “Directions to [contact name]” — Apple Maps often crashes on my way to my destination - especially if I don’t leave it running in the foreground.
    “Remind me to call [name] when I leave here.”
    “Create appointment [contact name] [date/time]” — Siri often borks this but I can say, “change the title” to fix it. Can I do that with an Android phone?
    “Remind me to ______ when I get home”
    “Create a new note in Evernote.” — I’ll use the new note to document the details of the service call I just finished. It would be great if I could say, “I’m not finished” or “add to note” - but I can’t do that now when Siri often cuts me off in mid-sentence (which happens a lot)

    I also use voice commands to send text messages, hear text messages, and make phone calls. A couple things I can’t do now that I’d really like to be able to do are: 1) Say, “Call [name] on speaker” and 2) “Call [name] using Google Voice”. It would also be nice to be able to use voice commands to hear text messages and voicemails in Google Voice. Any chance there’s (much) better integration on an Android phone (since they’re both in the Google ecosystem)?

    I also use a ton of keyboard shortcuts — I type in an abbreviation and it’s auto-replaced with a longer phrase. And I can add new ones fairly easily by telling Siri to “open keyboard settings”.

  2. svim

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    Google does get a lot of criticism for its hoarding of user data but there is a benefit for those who do want to immerse themselves into the multitude of Google services. A big plus with all that personal data on hand will show in how much more functionality Google Assistant has over Siri. There's no shortage of Assistant help/tip/tutorial guides online, an example being:

    And yes, with a Google Voice number a lot things are integrated into the mix of mobile device and desktop browser access to your account:

    I don't know just which keyboard comes as a default on a G7 but you can always install and select your own preference. Some nice features to Google's GBoard keyboard app being
    Another very popular alternative that's worth considering is Microsoft's SwiftKey keyboard app:
    There are plenty of other options but given your reference to keyboard shortcuts these are two examples with a lot of development going on. You can also opt for a really bare-bones, 'just a keyboard with minimal bling' option like this 'Simple Keyboard' app:

    A downside is Android doesn't have any kind of comprehensive backup system like Apple's iCloud. Automatic backup and restore functionality using iCloud is much more advanced and is by design crafted with the consumer in mind. With Android a lot of the burden falls on you, the user, to implement and maintain a good backup solution. I'd recommend getting one set up as early as possible just in case, this article may help:
    (a point of contention being it misrepresents the SMS Backup & Restore app, which contrary to what the article states does indeed have an automatic backup function, that allows you to back up to either Google Drive, Dropbox, MS OneDrive, your device's internal storage, or a microSD card).
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    Excellent response, @svim, very comprehensive and helpful.

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