May 18, 2011
hey everyone noob here, i was searching around the web and couldnt find the answer to save my life, so i thought id ask. i got the sprint lovers rom now and the toaster kernel i think its called, pretty good setup but i would like to the rom to the gingersense rom. my main question is how to i swap over to another rom? in the forum for the rom it says i have to download the, but my question is i already have that exact file in the phone, and was wondering do i delete the old one and put the new one in while my phone is plugged in as disk drive. but thats my main question of how to swap to dif rom, doesnt seem very simple
If you don't want to use the gingersense (as ocn suggested), there are AOSP gingerbread roms and ported versions of sense 2 (myn's warm z, for example)
yead id avoid the gingersense rom for now. sounds like its still kinda buggy...

What beta's don't have any bugs? That's why they're called a beta rom:cool:

To the op, I would recommend trying the Gengersense rom if you so choose. It's not necessary to partition but downgrading your PRI to 1.77 is a must if you want your phone to sleep;) I would also highly recommend trying Aamikam's MikG the most recent MikG B (not the RC1). The rom runs extremely smooth and very similar to Virus's Gengersense:D