Jan 18, 2021
Looking for some advice primarily from Pixel users that made the switch to Samsung recently.

I currently own a Pixel 2 which I have been very happy with for the past few years however I'm currently in the market for a mid-tier handset at the moment and have narrowed down the S20 FE or the Pixel 5.

I know the spec differences and benefits of each handset and am leaning more towards the Galaxy FE for the price, however, I was curious to know if there were any users that swapped from stock Android to Samsung One UI and have been ok with it?

I like the stock experience for its simplicity, and obviously, the Google Camera is fantastic however I'm hearing now that Samsung has caught up with software features and the GCam app is available for Samsung, so wondering on people's recent experience if there are any negatives from swapping from stock Android to Samsung One UI? If you made the swap do you miss stock Android?
I went from a Pixel 3a to the S20. I spent the first three months trying to understand, fighting with, and disabling most of the Samsung stuff. If I wasn't walking around with a $1,000 phone I'd go back to a Pixel. My $0.02, deposit the change where you'd like. :)
Yeah this is my worry, would I be over complicating trying to get the phone to stock, just to have a slightly bigger screen, better processor, better refresh rate.

Which honestly I may not even notice those improvements because I don't really game, and I have the Pixel 2 right now, even 90hz would be a massive upgrade to my current screen.