going to actually buy some apps :/


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Oct 29, 2010
i know theres a lot of free apps out there but it seems to get certain functionality you have to spend a few bucks for the droid. basically here's the list of apps i'm about to buy....basically i wanna know is there any alt's that are free that i missed? are there any better alts to these? any feedback would be appreciated..

pure messanger
astro file manager
my backup pro
extended control
quick app clean cache
widget locker

thanks in advance :)
I'm an AndExplorer user, myself.

Tasker, Pure Messenger are worth it, and I suggest the -oid Emulators (SNESoid, NESoid, Gensoid).
nice thanks for the suggestions. i did find instead of extended controls an app quick settings. also bought ystemPanel App / Task Manager...too damn many apps sigh :/
Is there a reason you need to pay for Astro? The free version works just fine for me.
And I like ES Explorer, similar to others in terms of pushing files around (got a decent clipboard function) but mostly as I can seamlessly log on to my pc over the network. It's free and fully functioning.

Ah, choices choices.