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Going to the GNex?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by zetroc, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. zetroc

    zetroc Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Who is upgrading from the Inc to the GNex?

    I got the Inc because it was the closest thing to the Nexus One and I didn't want to leave Verizon. It would have been nice if it had come out to Vzw. Albeit, it wasn't a Vanilla experience, but it turned out to be a formidable phone. I still have the one I got on release day (pre-ordered) with the AMOLED screen.

    Now, almost two years later, it seems that the natural upgrade is to the GNex as this is considered a Google Phone (unlike the Inc, despite it's closeness to the GOne - and yes, some argue that the Vzw GNex isn't a pure Google).

    So else is upgrade to the GNex?

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  2. Colchicine

    Colchicine Android Expert

  3. jamala00

    jamala00 Android Enthusiast

    Upgraded to the Rezound and returned it, won't consider the GNex since it is even bigger.
  4. Droid.Incredible

    Droid.Incredible Well-Known Member

    I want to get the Nexus, but I'm not sure how my NE2 applies (how much discount I would get). I'm part of the early group that got the phone when it first came out in April 2010.
  5. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Extreme Android User

    You would get the subsidized price of $299.99 with a new two year contract. You would get an extra $30 off if you wait till the actual 1.5 year anniversary.
  6. Beatlesfan

    Beatlesfan Well-Known Member

    I tried getting the nexus yesterday, but my upgrade isn't until a week from today. They wouldn't push it up as the nexus is an iconic device. I'll be getting it in a week. :D I certainly love the Inc, it's been a great phone and I'll miss it a lot!
  7. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Extreme Android User

    You'll love the nexus even more.
  8. Old Member

    Old Member Android Expert

    I went to the Gnex yesterday! Great phone. A bit of a learning curve over my Dinc, but a nice one to learn with.
  9. skraggy

    skraggy Newbie

    Strongly considering the GNex. I won't be buying a new phone for a couple weeks if I decide to pull the trigger.

    My Dinc is still serving me well, though, with CM7 on it. It's a tough decision to pull the trigger now or wait a few months to see what comes out, when I don't have any serious complaints about my current phone other than the battery life (but the phones with 4G active don't seem to be significantly better).
  10. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Android Expert

    Upgrade in March so unless something better comes along, I'll get it.
  11. Old Member

    Old Member Android Expert

    GSIII is rumored around then IF Verizon gets it.
  12. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I'm already there. I feel it's like the next logical step coming from the Nexus 1's cousin the DROID Incredible.
  13. Medion

    Medion Android Expert

    The SGS1 came out in April/May 2010, and US models didn't show up until at least September.

    The SGS2 came out in April/May 2011, and US models didn't show up until October.

    I'm willing to bet that if Verizon gets an SGS3 equivalent , it won't be shortly after March. I wouldn't wait for it.
  14. rfox54

    rfox54 Newbie

    It was a GREAT 18 month run with my Incredible, and I will keep it in the drawer in case something happens to my Nexus. But it is time to explore ICS.

    If any of you experts want to start a thread specifically designed for DINC to GNex rooting and data transfers; I would be all over it.

    See ya'll over there
  15. powdbyrice

    powdbyrice Android Enthusiast

    i went to radio shack to compare the size of the 2 phones as that's my biggest concern.

    width wise, its less than half a pinky more. height, its like an index finger. its a hair less wide than the razr. thickness, its thinner than my inc with the vzw red/black gradient case on it. definitely pocket-able. but word of a Razr Maxx surfaced today...

    i'm tempted...
  16. T-Keith

    T-Keith Android Enthusiast

    The size is the biggest problem, but I think the advantages outweigh it. Ics is great and the huge screen makes everything better. I'm hoping I'll get used to it.
  17. Emmnemms

    Emmnemms Newbie

    I'm going to wait for a few months, let them figure out all the bugs (if there is any) and hopefully the price will drop a bit.

    Then I'm going to use my Inc as a "toy" and root it and do all the stuff i'm to scared to now (I'm afraid of bricking it since I can't afford a new phone at the moment and why take the chance?)
  18. rapidsandroid

    rapidsandroid Android Enthusiast

    Agree with the size concern. My upgrade is in February, so hoping that the Razor will get 4.0 by then because I really like how the Razor feels in my hand when I went and checked out the Razor & Nexus. But, I don't want all the extra Motorola stuff on it. If not, I will probably pick up the Nexus in February when they have a price drop...great thing about fragmentation especially with Verizon, always a new phone around the corner so the old ones get cheaper.
    I love my Incredible, but it just too small to read on it and the small contacts are killing my eyes. Hoping the new Android 4.0 contacts software will be much better...looks similar to Windows7 phone contacts which I like.
  19. trunksy

    trunksy Lurker

    I picked up a Galaxy Nexus and love Ice Cream Sandwich. There are a few apps that aren't compatible yet but I treat my Incredible as an iPod Touch since the old apps still work over WiFi.

    As far as the size, yeah, cutting an pasting in some apps require a two-handed affair but it's not that bad in comparison to getting all the slick Ice Cream Sandwich features. This is the Android you're looking for.

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