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Good for Enterprise iPhone vs Android

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by mgallag84, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. mgallag84

    mgallag84 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello everyone, my company is rolling out Good for Enterprise and sending everyone information on setting their iPhone up for it. I've been looking around and saw the Good for Enterprise for Android and was wondering what the differences are that IT has to do to make a Good for Enterprise installation designed for iPhone work for android? If they sent me a PIN to connect my "iPhone" to the server and I plugged it into the Android application, what would happen?

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  2. pool_shark

    pool_shark Android Expert

    My company is in the testing phase for this and will be rolling it out within a month.
    So far, from what I hear the testing is going very well on Android.
  3. kingdave

    kingdave Android Enthusiast

    Did you ever find out the answer to your question?

    My company is rolling out Good Technology right now and many of the managers that need access have Androids whereas our company only officially supports the iOS version.

    The only info I have had from the tech teams at work is that the Android version hasn't yet recieved signoff from a security point of view.

    That sounds to me as though using the details for iOS would work on my corporate network but my network doesn't officially support Android.

    Has anyone found out what would happen if you enter the details intended for iOS onto an Android phone/pad?

  4. pool_shark

    pool_shark Android Expert

    The email my company sent out with my PIN info seems to state that the PIN setup is only different for Nokia and Windows mobile phones.

    Based on that, it should work.
  5. kingdave

    kingdave Android Enthusiast

    That is interesting. Now I just have to consider whether I want to face the wrath of the Tech Teams for using an "illegal" device and whether I would get into trouble for this!!

    Can the network admins tell what kind of device I have used? The order form we fill in to grant access asks if it is for iPhone or iPad and I presume that is only so they can send you the correct link to the Appstore for the right version of the app.
  6. pool_shark

    pool_shark Android Expert

    I see no need to jeopardize your job for the app. Android is extremely popular and companies are slowly realizing that the iphone is not the only game in town.
    My company had the same reservations regarding security of Android but the app itself is secure, so they got over it.
  7. kingdave

    kingdave Android Enthusiast


    As in, you wouldn't risk your job to give it a try OR you don't think giving it a try would risk your job?

    Hopefully it won't be long until the Android security signoff is comeplete, but they have no dates for when that will be yet. Saying that though, my business is way behind the times - we still use IE6!!!
  8. pool_shark

    pool_shark Android Expert

    I wouldn't try it. No need to get them thinking you're up to no good or putting the companies info at risk.

    My company is slow with some things too. When going out of town on business we still have to pay for everything upfront then get them to pay us back instead of them issuing corporate credit cards.

    I just recently got them to stop sending us paystubs in the mail and doing it electronically, and we still have to use their laptops instead of our own. I hate carrying two laptops with me when I travel.
  9. Gekko

    Gekko Android Expert

    a workaround is to set up a rule on your PC Mail Application (Outlook, Lotus, Groupwise, etc.) that auto-forwards or "redirects" emails to a secondary Gmail (work) account. also - in that secondary Gmail account's settings on Google.com - set up the "send as/reply to" addresses as your company email address so that receivers to your emails will be none the wiser and it will look like it came from your company email. you'll have to delete the emails twice - but at least you'll have work mails pushed in real time. it sounds clunky but it really is not. it works beautifully. and you get your emails without being on the company "grid" so they can't remote wipe you or snoop or manage your device. i prefer it this way. you continue to keep Contacts and Calendar and Gmail private on Google. and simply have a secondary Gmail account for redirected work email.

    good luck!
  10. pool_shark

    pool_shark Android Expert

    Depending on the company that wouldn't work. I work for an insurance company, so we have HIPPA to deal with, I can setup a rule to forward emails but it won't do it.
  11. kingdave

    kingdave Android Enthusiast

    Mine is the same. Already tried forwarding my mail to a secondary Gmail account but the rule doesn't work for that. Shame really.
  12. Gekko

    Gekko Android Expert

    i would advise people to be an optimist and give it a try first. you perhaps are in the minority.
  13. Gekko

    Gekko Android Expert

    have you tried emailing someone in IT and asking them about this feature? perhaps they simply never turned it on or perhaps you are not setting it up correctly?
  14. takeshi

    takeshi Android Expert

    For anything suggested above you need to consider how your company handles such things. Some consider attempting to use a device that isn't allowed an offense that will result in discplinary action including possible termination. Some do not.
  15. kingdave

    kingdave Android Enthusiast

    The trouble is, my company's email system is very restrictive about what can and cannot be granted outside access. I've definitely set up the rules correctly in Outlook for the forwarding but it simply does not work.

    The IT teams wouldn't be able to "turn it on" as only specific means of access are granted - namely through a laptop connected via a VPN with seucre ID card, a BlackBerry or through Good for Enterprise. They wouldn't allow forwarding to a 3rd party due to the risk to customer data involved (I work for a pretty large worldwide financial institutuion)
  16. kingdave

    kingdave Android Enthusiast

    True. Which is why I'm trying to work out if there is a way of determing which version of the Good software is connecting to the network.
  17. pool_shark

    pool_shark Android Expert

    Same here. Insurance, medical, and financial institutions have laws governing how they control customer data.
  18. Gekko

    Gekko Android Expert

    i find that many companies have lazy donut eating IT staff that are more interested in their own comfort, control, and job security than in productivity. i guess that's why they are all being rapidly outsourced to India.
  19. pool_shark

    pool_shark Android Expert

    It's more about protecting customer data, avoiding the loss of customers, lawsuits, and being subjected to fines by the government.
  20. Gekko

    Gekko Android Expert

    yes - and most use "Secure Email" for sensitive data.
  21. Gekko

    Gekko Android Expert

    agreed. that's what "Secure Email" is for.

    removing "redirect" doesn't solve the problem.
  22. pool_shark

    pool_shark Android Expert

    Sure it does. They are making sure you don't send out information that doesn't need to be sent, either on purpose or by accident (automatic forwarding).
    We have software that scans all of our emails to make sure there are no social security, credit, or policy numbers being sent. It even scans data that we want to put on a flash drive and will not allow it if it finds any such data.

    I see no way to automatically foward an email as confidential.
  23. Gekko

    Gekko Android Expert

    auto forwarded/redirected emails containing sensitive data are scanned and segregated too. there's no difference in you manually forwarding an email and an auto forward - they both get scanned and restricted by the software. the auto forward does not defeat the software.

    removing the redirect feature in no way improves the actual security of the data. the user could still manually forward everything all day long if they wanted to. redirect would be exactly the same result.
  24. pool_shark

    pool_shark Android Expert

    Not true. We can manually send that type of data only by sending it via confidential. We can't automatically do it.
    You have to intentionally invoke the confidential mode.

    We also have to sign confidentiality agreements and take regular training on ethical standards. Again, we have hippa data, it is extremely strict. No company in our position wants to take a chance on losing customers by having a lapse in security. We are also ISO certified, we have to meet certain standards to keep that certification.

    It isn't as simple as you're making it out to be. Companies like mine and financial institutions are monitored very closely.
  25. Jets67

    Jets67 Lurker

    Looks like the conversation deviated and got off topic. Has anyone been able to find out if you have the setup information for android can you run it on IOS and vice versa?

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