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good laser printer for flyers?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tommy_ed, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. tommy_ed

    tommy_ed Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    hey guys i'm hoping you can help me!

    ill be going on tour this winter and i need a (at least relatively) small laser printer that does really well at printing flyers (they would be a rather long rectangle shape, your standard flyer basically) i'll also be printing on those little paper cd sleeves, i like to use them for free demos to pass out
    also, they would need to have a good print quality as far as colors and all that go. i'd like to keep the price below or around $100, and brand doesn't matter to me.

    if you want, take a listen to some of my music! who knows, maybe i'll be playing in your city and a few months, it would be cool to meet someone from on here :D Failure Savvy - Music, Show Dates, Pics and Blog - Home

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  2. B2L

    B2L Android Expert

    Well, depending on how long the fliers are will really depend on the price. I recently just had to purchase a printer since my Fiance, who is in school for web design. She needed a printer that would print documents that were 11x17. If they are longer fliers, I'm not quite sure if you will find one for a $100.

    The printer I just purchased was an HP Wide Format 7500A, and that one cost me $180.

    Some fliers are quite long, so deciding on a size beforehand will really help things. Since most printers can't print anything bigger than 8x11.
  3. tommy_ed

    tommy_ed Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    8X11 would probably be sufficient, considering i'm wanting to keep the size of the unit itself down as much as possible, as i'll be living in a pop up camper lol also forgot to mention, WiFi capability is a must

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