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Good Price on1750 mAh Battery for Incredible

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by aggieandroid84, May 31, 2010.

  1. aggieandroid84

    Thread Starter

    Hey all, I'm finally getting my Incredible this Saturday after waiting about three weeks and I wanted to know if there is a better price for a 1750 mAh after market battery than $50. That is all I saw available. I'm not sure I'm gonna need it, a week or two of use will tell. If I do feel like I need it cheaper is better since I'm a student and am still looking for full time work for the summer holiday. Thanks for the help!

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  2. lyons238

    lyons238 Android Enthusiast

    id say pay the 50 and go with seidio...a battery is one thing you dont want to go the cheap route out on.
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  3. aggieandroid84

    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the advice, I suppose that you are right. Besides it could be worse than 50 bones.
  4. lyons238

    lyons238 Android Enthusiast

    theres one for ya. and ya man you will regret if you skimp out and buy a cheap battery. half the time there not even what they are rated for and they die fast.
  5. aggieandroid84

    Thread Starter

    @Vihzel Rock on dude that is the batt I want and almost ten bucks off. At least I'm pretty sure that that is the same one lyons238 was talking about. Thanks a bunch, every dollar counts for me right now. But I don't want to be stupid and buy a piece of junk either and end up spending more cash in the long run.
  6. Vihzel

    Vihzel Destroying Balls Everyday

    It's the one I have in my Incredible right now and it's working quite well. With heavy use, I was able to get about 15 hours out of it. With moderate use, I get more than 24 hours out of it.

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