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good roms for optimus slider.???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nastagol, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. nastagol

    nastagol Newbie
    Thread Starter

    what are some good roms for the oprimus slider? what do they do more. how do they look like? i would like to have a rom on my slider but i don't know which one works on it , and great.
    what are kernels ? what do they do ?
    i want something with good performances

    and how do i install them both roms or kernels

    edit:i would prefer a rom like ice cream sandwich or jelly bean.

  2. rileyper

    rileyper Newbie

    most recent and updated is Team Hydro's Gelato last time i checked...

    and your pretty much stuck with cm7/gingerbread.
  3. sneaky_1

    sneaky_1 Android Enthusiast

    I believe mobster ROM is the latest rom, 5/28/12. Its pretty fast and battery life is better. All the ROMs are 2.3 gingerbread stock based, no cm7, no ICS/jb themes I believe. Just follow the instructions.

    Installation Instructions:

    1 Backup stock ROM in cwm
    2 Wipe cache
    3 wipe dalvik cache
    4 Install ROM
    5 install gingerkernel
    6 reboot

    The downloaded links are in the thread. http://androidforums.com/optimus-sl...rom-vm701-mobster-rom-v1-4-update-5-28-a.html
  4. HaTrEd360

    HaTrEd360 Android Expert

    There is a ICS Theme you can download and flash after flashing Mobster Rom or Gelato Rom. Just google "ICS Theme Optimus Slider" and the website it should be on is androidcentral.com
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  5. sneaky_1

    sneaky_1 Android Enthusiast

    I stand corrected, thx. It looks pretty good.
  6. msswiss46

    msswiss46 Lurker

    I flashed the Gingerkernel and the AreaSlider Rom.

    I then found an adobe_flash_player_11, which I downloaded to my computer, unzipped, and moved the file to my Optimus Slider. I'm now able to play almost any videos-- which was one of my biggest pet peeves with the lower version Android OS that's on Slider.

    But I'm wanting to try a more advanced ROM. Does anyone know if I could flash GingerSteem Extreme ROM? I know it's for the Esteem, but still I'm wanting to try it.

    I had problems with the Mobster ROM. It stuck on a blank screen, after the LG icon upon startup. Finally I was able to get into recovery with the buttons. (I could only do this after removing battery), and then was able to restore to AreaSlider.

    Anyone know if flashing with the LG Esteem rom--GingerSteem Extreme ROM--might be ok? Thanks!

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