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Good UK deal?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Vorbis, May 18, 2011.

  1. Vorbis

    Vorbis Well-Known Member
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  2. qwertyu

    qwertyu Newbie

    I just went through the same process. The deal I got on the day my old deal ended was different to the ones available months before when I started researching it. It was also via a different web site so I suggest you bookmark all the websites and check all their deals on the day you're ready to order. comparemobiledeals.com seems to have them all. I got mine a week ago on the following tarrif. Now it's a bit cheaper via mobiles.co.uk. Once you've jumped through a few hoops claiming line rental back and cancelled the insurance they automatically sign you up for it works out at
  3. samjfreeman

    samjfreeman Lurker

    Talkmobile are fine my brother has a contract with them on a samsung galaxy ace, they use vodafones signal so it will be just like a vodafone contract (only cheaper). He has not had any problems with them at all.
    Hope its helpful
  4. philheckler

    philheckler Newbie

    I'm on that talk mobile contract , no problems so far , loving the galaxys.
  5. bigboss1966

    bigboss1966 Newbie

    Yep as said ,good price for a Galaxy s contract, my wife got this one a last last month , no probs at all . I have a Nexus s on vodafone and her signal on talkmobile is the same . Go for it .
  6. jatank

    jatank Newbie

    I got my deal with mobiles.co.uk, you can send cashback deals via email which is handy.

    Best to keep an eye on deals by using a comparison site, some good galaxy s tmobile deals at mo http://www.comparemobiledeals.com/mobile-phones/Samsung/i9000-Galaxy-S

    Retailer and network prices have dropped since the S2 was released so looks like some good deals going. Even better now 2.3.3 is finally here!

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