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Good Verizon Support

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Needsdecaf, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. Needsdecaf

    Needsdecaf Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    So I went into Verizon today to tell them that I loved my Eris, but hated the battery life. I had a good tech speak to me (not some dumb kid that they normally have working) and he understood that I had concerns. He hadn't heard of the "100% awake time issue" but understood that it could be a problem, and had heard of other battery drain issues.

    Since I got my phone on the 6th and the update is on the 11th, he put a note in the system to extend my trial period beyond the software update. He was VERY cool about it. If you are in NoVA, I'll tell you where to go and who to see. ;)

    Ironically, there was a hysterical woman in her early 30's there who I don't know what her issue was but literally got into a shoving match with the manager (she shoved him, he did not shove back). She was a real, uh, well I won't say, but the manager was trying to be nice and explain to her about her contract, and what her options were and whatnot and she kept screaming, "You won't let me return my phone". The guy was trying to be nice but man did she push his buttons. I thought it was ironic that this was happening while I was getting such good service.

    I also spent a bit of time looking around at the other phones. The BB Storm 2 is useless. It's still a terrible UI. The Droid, well, that screen rocks. Man, does it rock. But it's just SO clunky to hold and use, Sense UI is so much better, and the slide out keyboard is terrible.

    But man, that screen is NICE. LOL. :p

    Between getting the note in my system and the better battery life, I feel much better about the Eris.

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  2. dawnstacie

    dawnstacie Member

    I asked for the extension, too and I was told no! Maybe I should try again!
  3. jamesmce

    jamesmce Newbie

    Verizon probably gave you the extension because they have to, anything purchase during the holiday period of nov 15th and jan 1 has a 60 day grace instead of the usual 30 days. This is common. Also did you know that on Nov 15th verizon went up on their early term. policy from $175 to $300.

    Verizon isn't the greatest, they just have the best coverage.
  4. J.R.

    J.R. Member

    300 for early termination should be illegal. I bought my phone online, I wonder if I call 611 and talk to support if they would put a note on my file (yeah, it will probably say "this dude is a d*ck". I bought mine before the 15th, so I don't have much longer for my grace period.
  5. c64

    c64 Well-Known Member

    I think its $350
  6. Needsdecaf

    Needsdecaf Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    My phone was purchased on the 6th and I was told that the grace period was 30 days. It's on my bill too.

    I will admit that they're not the greatest, but in this case they were very good. And I am not one to give praise.

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