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Goodbye 3rd Party IM Apps

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by binglejellsx2, Dec 31, 2009.

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    I know most of the people here never leave the Droid subsection, and I've been getting really annoyed with the connection issues with IM+ (Lite). I'm assuming all of us here have a GMail account, and that this info will be very helpful.

    Now the reason I preferred IM+ Lite instead of something like Meebo is because due to the limitation of CDMA, I get disconnected everytime a phone call comes in. So I liked IM+ (Lite) because it kept a chat log that I could refer to when the chat got disconnected. I've noticed that when a chat gets closed on any app, I missed whatever messages had not yet been seen.

    I've been eying transfer protocols for a while, and finally decided to bite. The flavor I used was PSI for Mac in combination with jaim.at. I know there are issues doing this with MSN, but Yahoo! works just fine. I haven't tried AIM, but I assume that works just as good as Yahoo! transporting. There is a thread in this forum that I'd found after searching that you can refer to (Best IM Solution), along with a few others.

    Now you can use the Talk app that came with our phones rather than some 3rd party app. Messages come instantly, and I've yet to be disconnected. Good luck all, and Happy New Year!

    Just a disclaimer, your password will be saved to the Jabber protocol you sign up with, so I suggest changing it to something that won't be able to access sensitive info (bank accounts, etc) before doing this.

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