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Google 3.1 Roll Out for XOOM

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ckelly33, May 10, 2011.

  1. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    Hopefully a Netflix hack beats it so folks can save money. The prices seem a few steps from reality of what people would pay and an impediment to growth of the program.

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  2. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    Now THAT is a great perspective, but only works IF Google and Nvidia push for the Netflix app like Qualcomm has. No choice to use Netflix suggests a narrow-minded effort in forcing people to spend $5 a pop, when they could spend a fraction with a Netflix account AND have the option of the download service when needed or wanted.

    No option suggests the lack of Netflix is very intentional and not the same as Apple having iTunes and Netflix as an option.
  3. SCB1898

    SCB1898 Well-Known Member

    I got my 3.1 update about 2 hours ago on my wifi only Xoom. Stock and not rooted. First day buyer.
    I'm in OKC.
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  4. SCB1898

    SCB1898 Well-Known Member

    It all depends on when the tablet was manufactured. It may not come with the latest version already pre installed. Just go buy it at best buy. The update will come when it comes.
  5. SCB1898

    SCB1898 Well-Known Member

    heck no!
  6. SCB1898

    SCB1898 Well-Known Member

    I downloaded the latest flash application yesterday. I didn't get the upgrade until today.
  7. SCB1898

    SCB1898 Well-Known Member

    I have had access to the movie section since yesterday before I got the update. Wifi only.
  8. marctronixx


    the majority do not. i cant speak for you or how you got it. im only repeating from "official" sources:


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  9. Scotchbrite

    Scotchbrite Lurker

    I was able to install Flash 10.3 on 3.0.1
  10. CMNDR

    CMNDR Member

    Just got the 3.1 update using the date gag figuring if I was going to get it I would get it just after midnight. I have a 3g Xoom that was bought around week 4 after release in New Hampshire. Have 10.3 flash and movie section in the marketplace. No invite for the Google music beta, and I haven't tested the Bluetooth keyboard or mouse interface yet so I can't speak to that just yet.
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  11. commander24

    commander24 Member

    Just got my update. Wifi Zoom
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  12. CKwik240

    CKwik240 Well-Known Member

    Me too. Almost finished downloading.
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  13. jcash3

    jcash3 Android Enthusiast

    I also have access to the movie section on my wifi xoom...
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  14. I don't know if ya'll had this problem, but the market never seemed to know if I had downloaded an app or not. It would always say "download". Now that problem seems to solved. Wonder if that was addressed or not with this 3.1 update? Now bring on the Netflix app! SD/4g would be nice too!
  15. EarsToVanGogh

    EarsToVanGogh Newbie

    Got my update @ 11:58pm here in WI. I'm assuming that it was the 3.1 that we're all talking about - I got a system update message while playing Angry Birds and it did the shutdown and whatnot. Now I gotta go back and try to find that dang egg in the game. :)
  16. Jbart15

    Jbart15 Member

    omg! I just had the installer pop up to download the 3.1 but I had 13% battery. I hope to God that its still there once its charged!

    Btw i have the wifi only model from Staples.
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  17. Mitchrapp

    Mitchrapp Android Enthusiast

    Plug it in and hit install :) . I just got mine, haven't tested it but this post was painful to type. If its possible, the typing in this forum might even be slower.
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  18. pflol

    pflol Android Enthusiast

    I use the app specifically for this site, web browser version is still slow.
  19. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time...

    Just got the 3.1 update on my wifi only xoom... If I did not know better I would swear that the screen resolution and voice recognition have improved dramatically with this update! :D
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  20. watcher341

    watcher341 Newbie

    just wondering.....has anyone tried the usb host and what cable or how are u using it?
    the bluetooth mouse works great btw.
  21. CKwik240

    CKwik240 Well-Known Member

    I posted some findings in the accessories forum on a HD dock I opened up and I'm not entirely sure its possible to use the USB for data while charging on the dock. The USB port is seeking a signal from the dock to activate the contacts on the bottom of the tablet to charge through. If its using the data terminals and if the signal the dock provides conflicts with the data signal, which I speculate might be the case if the signal is nothing more than continuity (low resistance), then I'm not sure how they would get it to work. But I'm not an electrical/computer engineer so I can't say with certainty. I do hope I'm wrong, but I'm not going to hold my breath...
  22. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Got mine this morning. Looked at the new market but that's about it. It couldn't have come on a busier morning! Hopefully I will get some play time with it soon. 3G XOOM but used as Wi-Fi only (never had it on Verizon's network)
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  23. marctronixx


    yes i used the camera to connect to it. the gallery pops up and you can move things to/fro the cam, etc. works very well. i have the moto connection kit cable however there are a few options on fleabay. make sure its an OTG cable (i,e, pin 5 must not be grounded.)

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  24. gamul1

    gamul1 Android Enthusiast

    I got my update this morning and for the most part its a big yawn.

    The only change I see is in the stock email app where the pull down menu to change accounts now has a much larger font. Which may be good considering my new glasses. Also when I select an email the selected email is high lighted in green.

    In the market - no movies tab like I saw someone else said they had with wifi only model. What is this about? Can I rentmovies like Netflix or something?

    I don't care about USB host on the xoom. This USB port is small and I can't plug my thumb drives into it. Why else would I want USB host for?

  25. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    Got mine this morning for the wifi only xoom and no movies tab in the market nor movies app available.

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