Google Account Hacked


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Hi, I had my Google account hacked last night from an IP address in Bangalore, India (I'm in the UK). At first I thought they probably got in through some spyware on my PC or an Android device (albeit unlikely on the Android device), but then a friend told me he'd been hacked too (we haven't shared any e-mail weblinks or files). Anyone else?


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It happened whilst I was asleep, but I woke up to a facebook message from a friend saying that they'd received a dodgy e-mail from my gmail account, then I noticed that I had been signed out of Google (sync wasn't working etc) account. I had also received two e-mail messages to a verification e-mail address I used when signing up to Google detailing an attempt to access my account, which was blocked, and then within the same minute another e-mail saying that my password had been changed. Thankfully, I was able to reset the password using SMS verification, but not until 15 hours or so had passed.

Lesson: Use two-step verification!

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Been using 2 step verification for about 18 months now. Based on this thread, I convinced the other half it was worth it too.

Glad you managed to sort with minimal fuss. :)


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I dont use 2 step but now im going to. I had my facebook hacked once and only found out when i got a load of txts from people asking why id blocked them, i hadnt, the person had cancelled my account! why lol??
Luckily fb lets you reactivate it but my google account is far more important to me since its linked to my debit card :thumbup:


I've been using 2-step verification for a while now. I don't know what took me so long to activate it actually, even though I never had an issue I shouldn't have been without it!


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When I initiated 2-step I went to my tablet, computer, etc. and set them up immediately. So it is very rare to have to even think about 2-step now. Even in those rare times, it is not that hard to use - just an added 10-seconds delayed is all.

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Doesn't have to be Google that was hacked. Yahoo has been having a spate of hacking. A lot of the hackers grabbed contacts. I got a spam email from an account my kid hasn't used in 3 years. Ubuntu Forum was just compromised, and mail lists grabbed. This site has told people to change passwords. I got a notice that someone tried to get into my Yahoo account - no big deal since it has no contacts, no lists, just spam. changed password anyway. Profile is one big lie.

You are better off with 2 step, but it won't stop getting spam emails from a hacked system.