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Google Activesync calendar issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by EnochRoot, May 26, 2010.

  1. EnochRoot

    EnochRoot Newbie
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    Hi all.

    Using Google's PC app, I sync my Outlook calendar at work to my Google Calendar - that works fine, no problem.

    I also have set up an Exchange Activesync account to connect to Google. I did this so I dont have to use the Gmail app to read Gmail.

    So in the Accounts&Sync settings, I have the usual Google account and the Exchange account.

    I had set it such that the Exchange account only sync'ed email, NOT calendar. I used the Google account to sync calendars.

    That worked fine for a while but then I noticed I was getting duplicate entries - upon looking, I see that the Exchange account, by itself, turned on calendar syncing too. This has happened a few times. Only solution is to delete all entries and force a fresh sync to the Google account only.

    So to get round this, I then turned off Calendar sync in the Google account and enabled it in the Exchange account but ran into a new problem!!

    When I go into the "calendars" settings in the Calendar app to choose what calendar to show, there is no option for the Exchange account. The appointments still show up though. The problem is when i try to add an entry, the Calendar app says no active calendar chosen (because there is no entry for the Exchange calendar.)

    So i am getting a bit fed up of this now. Am I the only one with these weird calendar issues?

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