Help Google ads everywhere. Can someone help me get rid of them?


I'm running nexus 6p with stock 6.0.1,and a couple of days back i started getting ads like those shown below show up constantly in the desktop or whatever app I'm using at the time. I've had multiple android devices over the years and never encountered anything like this. How do I getting rid these? I've tried blocking pop ups in google chrome, but it doesn't work.




Extreme Android User
I had that once, it was a rootkit and they hid the app in the system area.

I had to do a FDR and start all over from scratch.

since then, I do not click on any funky links inside of an existing app.
ignore any and all advertising that shows up at the very bottom of the phone.

if you don't download it direct from Playstore, it is not trust worthy


The Doctor
You need to look at your applications. One of them will have come with ads that take over the screen every now and then. Could also be your launcher if you are using one.