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Root Google and updating question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by VertigoKid, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. VertigoKid

    VertigoKid Well-Known Member
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    Aug 1, 2010
    I recently rooted my phone to remove some unwanted apps and bloatware. I put Dreamcatch 5.0 on my phone but it caused my programs to lag and for me to have a black screen. I had to boot my phone four times. It also forced closed a lot of my other programs. I removed the application from my card and rooted back to some kind of kernel but my phone is still operating off of the Dreamcatch.
    My model number is Dream 5.0. Kernel version 2.6.29, and build number Little Kernel 1.2.
    A few days ago my phone said it needed to do a system's update and it went to the boot option and proceeded but it said something was wrong with a cache and it gave me a bunch of numbers and something about an update folder not being found and it ended the update. I didn't think nothing of it until yesterday.
    I had downloaded LaunchPro on my phone from the Google Market and I went to my programs to open it but it was nowhere to be found. I went to the Google Market to check on my downloads so I could pull the program off from there but my Market wouldn't come up. It gave me a white screen and then went back to the main menu on my phone. I then went to Astro Viewer to pull up Launchpro and like an idiot hit uninstall. So I tried to install it back and it said my beta version expired and wouldn't allow me to go 'home'. The next thing I knew I couldn't connect to the internet, my contacts were gone, I couldn't access the market, and I had to constantly hit the 'back' button because I couldn't go 'home'. Something about Launchpro wouldn't allow me to do anything. Luckily I backed everything up from the boot option way before this drama so I was able to restore everything.
    I know this is a mouth full and you can probably imagine what I went through but could this have been Launchpro's error? I know Google wasn't down because I was able to receive text messages. Or could this have something to do with my phone not updating? What would be the odds of this happening again?:thinking:


  2. pastafarian

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    Nov 4, 2009
    The Sea of Tranquility
    Dreamcatch 5.0? Do you mean Ultimate Dream 5.0? My guess is that the rom had a pre installed beta version of launcherpro which was updated after you installed the rom. when you uninstalled launcherpro you removed the update but not the original expired beta. The update you saw was the DI06 which fixes the airplane mode issue among other things. I have had issues with it failing to install on several different roms. If you are having problems with the rom you're using and it appears that you're using Dearmas's stuff, I would go to his site for support. Good luck with that!!
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