Google Android tablet not charging


Hannah P

Today in the mail I received my brand new Google Android 4.1 OS 1.2GHz 4GB 7" tablet, which I ordered a few weeks ago. It worked fine at first and it charged, but after charging to about 70% or so I noticed the number stopped raising. I didn't think anything of it and so I kept using it.
However, only a few minutes after a notification popped up telling me to plug it in because it was at 3%. I plugged it into an outlet and it only charged to 4% and died after a few minutes. I turned it on again and now it's plugged in and the charger is sustaining the battery but it will not charge higher than 1% and I can not unplug it. It's been charging for a few hours now but it's still at 1%.
Should I exchange it for another or is there something I can do?
It's also frequently making a strange noise like a buffering CD would, something between buffer and white noise. Is this normal, or could it have something to do with the problems I'm experiencing?
Thanks for your help!


Extreme Android User
First, you have to understand - that's a battery charger, not an external power supply for the tablet. Turn the tablet ogg, plug the charger in and let it sit for AT LEAST 24 hours. Then turn the tablet on and see the state of the battery. It should be just under 100% (if not at 100% for at least a minute or 2).

Unplug the charger and use the tablet. It should run at least for a couple of hours before telling you to charge it again. Turn it off and charge it. (It should notify you, even if it's "off", when to unplug the charger. Unplug it and use it normally, until it tells you to charge it again. Do this for at least 3 full cycles (3 full charges, 3 full discharges.) I've found, in many years of experience in the business that this will give you the longest battery life (time until you need a new battery). It will also give you the longest time between charges (which isn't going to be as long with a tablet as it will be with some phones).

But the charger doesn't supply as much current as the tablet uses (it can't - the USB spec doesn't allow that much current) so running the tablet with the charger plugged in will just extend the time until it needs a power-off charging by a little bit, it can't keep the tablet running forever.