Google Apps - Could someone reply here when they put back My Maps and Add to Contacts?


Google must think that beautiful fonts trump critical function.

The new Google Maps recently installed on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 seems to delete 2 critical pieces of functionality I rely on when I travel for work:

1) Add to contacts

Find a business, and when looking at its details
Tap menu (the invisible button left of home key on my Note 2)
Tap Add to Contacts

This adds all the contact info into my Google Contacts list.
Saves a ton of data entry!

2) My Maps

I need to at least be able to see My Maps !!


Wish list: Please let me add new POIs while on the device vs only the laptop.

From another thread I saw that it's possible to "Uninstall" and go back to a previous version (thank goodness!). I did that, and now I have

Could someone please reply here when Google adds back either 1) or 2) above?