Help Google Apps Email account doesn't work on ICS (Galaxy S2)

Hi there,

Just updated to ICS last night. Having added normal gmail accounts into Email Stock App (via exchange method), I realised that it will add Google Apps Email account but won't sync or download any emails. I have my own domain and use gmail as part of google apps for my emails. Someone at google has flagged this and another bumped it but so far its only 3 of us who have seen this problem as I have spent all morning searching.

Do you guys have a solution or workaround or aware of this issue?

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Hello, Invincible. :)

Welcome aboard. It would be best to check in with the other users of this device. What carrier are you on?
I hope you find this place helpful.


Hi all,
Having the same problem with SGS2 on ICS 4.0.3, from O2 UK. O2 even went as far as replacing the phone twice, but this problem is endemic to ICS on the S2. I can set up my work Google Apps account on a friend's HTC One-X, also running 4.0.3, without any problems, and works on the gf's Galaxy Nexus running 4.0.4. The problem seems to be with ICS on the S2, and the way it handles some of the protocols. Only solutions I've seen so far need rooting the phone and reflashing Gingerbread, with no guarantee it'll work.

Spoke to Samsung and they know of the problem but don't seem to be planning any quick fixes. Weirdest thing is third-party apps won't do Google Apps mail reliably either, and I can set the account up using the Samsung Message Hub but the synch options don't work reliably and only gets mail when it feels like it, every couple days.

Anyone got any updates and/or news on this/fixes?
I wanted to post as I have the same problem. I've got a samsung galaxy s2 with three mobile and I cant use the native email app. The gmail app lets me sign in but it doesn't sync properly and is just a bit crap.

If I edit the imap settings it allows me to press next but then just 'times out'. Its really annoying as they are my primary business emails!:(