Mar 29, 2021
My Google Assistant stops activating when I say "OK Google" or "Hey Google".
I keep retraining it at least once a day. I've cleared cache and data several times and it keeps doing the same thing. It works for a out 12 hours then it stops recognizing "OK Google" or "Hey Google". This started happening about a week ago and it happens EVERY DAY!
I've had this phone for less than a year and Google Assistant had been working normally.
Latest Android update was on March 26. Update number is G986USQU1DUBB.
I'm on Verizon.
I would appreciate any suggestions, short of a factory reset.
Thank you.
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The latest update I have of Chrome is from March 22nd (I have it on automatic update). And I just had this problem last night (the 28th). I'll continue monitoring it to see what happens. Thanks anyway.
It didn't work.
To be honest, when I first started out with Android, I had the very same trouble.
Somehow, the stupid Google thing could not remember my voice for more than 30 seconds or so.
Right about the time I was going to smash the device to bits, I had a much better idea- just don't use the Google junk.

My life and devices have been much improved.
As a side note, where I work many of the guys use Google assistant.
Lately it has not been working well for them.

I never use it, finding that it is so much quicker to just open my browser and do a manual search for what I want, rather than argue with Google junk for 10 minutes first then giving up and doing it that way anyway.