Google Beats Microsoft In Smartphones, Catching Apple


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According to today's NY times, It seems like Google has surpassed Microsoft's share of the smart phone market and is now ranked 4th overall, behind RIM, Symbian and Apple. Apparently they are expected to overtake the last two over the next year or so. The article is interesting in that it touches on the expansion of the Android Market as it relates to developers, and touches on Microsoft's hardware and software development restrictions as they pertain to windows 7:

Google Beats Microsoft In Smartphones, Catching Apple


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The momentum continues: Android has surpassed Microsoft on a global scale in terms of smartphone market share. Reuters reports that research firm Gartner shows Android became the 4th-biggest smartphone operating system in terms of market share, last quarter, on a worldwide scale.While Android still has a long way to go to beat Nokia’s Symbian, RIM’s [...]