Feb 2, 2016

I bought a Nexus 9 for dyslexic friend to read back via Google Books but although this works on my Motorola GIII, no such functionality on N9, so much for vanilla Google?!?

The playback option is greyed out as unavailable.
Yes, any other dependencies?

My GIII will read books aloud without TalkBack switched on. TalkBack is only set to on for the visually impaired as it is effectively a screen reader. I only need text to speech.
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Vanilla Google is just that.. Vanilla.. This line of devices were initially I designed for developers, so it has little apps on it for a reason.

There are apps that you can install I am sure.

Since this is speaking about apps rather than hardware specific, let's take this discussion to the applications section so more eyes can see and perhaps provide some ideas on the apps you may be able to use...