Google calendar changes for the worse


Am I the only one who can't stand the new look of Google Calendar on my Android phone?
I really dislike the very round curves on the events. Also, the font on my widget is incredibly big compared to the rest of the items on my phone! I can't find a way to change these specific features without changing it for the whole phone.
Has anyone come across a solution? I've been saying for years that Google Calendar is the most important app on my phone, but I actually can't use it like this, sadly.
Thanks for the help!


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The solution is to use a different calendar app. There are a lot of them, and while none is perfect (personal opinion) there are many that are better than Google's app (also personal opinion).

Google tend to produce apps with relatively few options and very little customisation, so if you don't like what they've chosen you generally have no option but to use something else. But there's nothing special about a manufacturer's app or whatever app they chose to pre-install, so I see no real downside to using an alternative (I use replacement apps for almost everything myself).