Android Enthusiast
Jan 2, 2014
Ok, for starters this is a Samsung A01 phone. I know wrong forum group. But, the A01 group doesn't have any posts, so I doubt anyone is watching it. It's Google Calendar. I can't imagine why it being an A01 would just have is missing Week an Day view in calendar.
When you say "Google Calendar" do you actually mean the Google Calendar app or a Samsung Calendar app? Because the Google Calendar app has the views Schedule, Day, 3 days, Week, Month, and that app is the same whatever device you install it on. I can't say anything about current Samsung Calendar apps.

I admit that I don't use the Google Calendar app myself (I think there are many better), but it is pre-installed on my phone and I just checked it to be sure.
Yes, I'm referring to Google calendar, not Samsung calendar or any other calendar app. It only has month and year view. No day or week view. I have two other phones and a tablet, and, of course, they all have those views.
Then I also cannot imagine why. I'd suggest trying a different calendar app, clearing data for Google Calendar or uninstalling and reinstalling the Google Calendar (the second 2 on the assumption that there's something screwy about your app, the first as a fallback if all else fails).

I can't imagine what would do this, and Google tend to be very weak in the customisation options for their apps so I wouldn't expect them to let you choose which views it displays (which some calendar apps do), and I cannot see any such option on my copy. So this has to be some very weird bug in your particular copy.