google calendar not syncing all events


I have been using google calendar now for just a little while. I have 4 kids all on various sports teams and a lot of them have a link to the teams calendar that you can just add via URL. This is really convenient other than the fact that I just don't trust it yet.

Everything seems good on the Google Calendar, but sometimes some of the items do not sync to my calendar on my Samsung Galaxy S2. I have tried removing that calendar and adding it back in on both the Google calendar and on the smartphone side of things and for some events it just doesn't work. At first I thought maybe it was something that the administrator of the team was doing differently, but I just added this calendar url to my wife's phone and they are all in there.

Any ideas?


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no one else ever has issues with google calendar synching correctly with your smartphone?

It seems like the majority of the issues are when there is a change to an existing event. At times I have successfully resolved the issues by removing the event from the calendar and then adding it back in. unfortunately it doesn't always work.


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Only issue I have had is when I have added events on my phone calendar and I had accidentally chosen my "Phone Calendar" instead of my google account. That stays as a default until changed.


Do you enter repeating events on your calendar?
My wife is a heavy calendar user. She is a psychologist. Typically she will enter a patient for a 45 minute appointment, one day a week for 6 weeks in a row. Maybe the 3rd week the patient will cancel or change appointment times. Sometimes, Google will omit the change, or record both new and old appointment times. Multiply that by 30 to 50 patients a week, all playing musical chairs, and things get really screwed up.
Most recently, her Galaxy Note calendar went blank on every day from April 09, 2012 and newer. But all appointments were in Google calendar thru December 2012.
We have had this problem on a Treo 600P, then the windows version of the Treo, an HTC running windows, and the iPhone.
On the iphone, I would simply delete the google account, then build it back in and it would work for a few months.
On the Note, I could not simply delete the Google account - it said that other programs are using it (I do not remember the exact verbage). I had to reset the phone, which was easy because AT&T "Ready To Go" helps you bring back your calendar and contacts. But we lost all her apps in the reset.
I have the same phone as my wife. This week I bought an SD card, and got a back up app. On the weekend, I am going to reset my phone and see if using the back up app helps me not lose apps.


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Just to add to the confusion... I had been using MS Outlook to display my "internet calendar" (google calendar). Worked well for a long time. Until I started adding "comments" into some appointments using my PC web interface. At that time MS Outlook started refusing to import the calendar any more. Just food for thought.

My phone and PC Web browser still stay in sync with the Google calendar without issue. So I just use those.



Hope this helps others, I've been looking for a way to sync all my calendar entries (4 years worth) to my phone since I changed to android, I've finally cracked it.
Download and install Thunderbird including Lightning, to your pc, export your calendar (zipped ical format) from settings at Google calendar,import it to Thunderbird calendar, then set up Thunderbird to sync with Google calendar (plenty of "how to s" on that out there )
And "Walah " all entries to all your devices.
My Nexus and Xoom both immediately had all entries. I also used an app called " My phone explorer" to sync my phone to PC.
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Now all I need is an Android call recorder that works as well as all my old Nokia phones, and I'll be really happy. :)


I already sync from Outlook to my Google calendar. I don't want to have to add another calendar to sync. It is too confusing. Is there another way?


I've also been having exactly the same problem as the original poster.

I have added a url calender of football fixtures to my google calender. It's been there for a couple of years and shows up on my PC google calender. However, I can't get it to appear on my Galaxy S2 calender. I've had this problem for a few months. As soon as I added it to my google calender it appeared on my old phone, an HTC Desire but my Galaxy S2 just won't show it. All events placed directly into my google calender appear on my phone and vice versa, just not this additional calender.

Can anyone help?