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Google Calendar off by One day?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by marktaylor22, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. marktaylor22

    marktaylor22 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey Everyone,

    Odd problem, on my Hero the Calendar and what it displays is off by one day. For instance today is December 22nd, and it says that "tomorrow" is Christmas Eve?

    I have all my homework assignments hooked up to Google Calendar yet it's always off by a day. But if I go into the appoitment it shows the correct day it's suppose to be due on just not on the homescreen. Always a day off. Anyone having this issue, or if there is something I'm doing wrong??


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  2. ToxicToastKatz

    ToxicToastKatz Android Enthusiast

    but tomorrow IS Christmas Eve.

    Today is the 23rd dude.
  3. marktaylor22

    marktaylor22 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yes you're right. I copied this from another forum since nobody knows the answer.. Maybe someone here does.

    So now today is December 23rd, and my google calendar says tomorrow is Christmas Day. Everything is off by one day, I don't get it. My time zone is set up correct. Everything else is synced but that.
  4. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I've noticed the same thing here... would love to see a resolution.
  5. ToxicToastKatz

    ToxicToastKatz Android Enthusiast

    i wasn't trying to be a smartass :)

    I just did a double take to see that you posted it today and thought it was a newly typed question.

    Can't help. I'm having Google calendar problems myself.
  6. juice

    juice Lurker

    Same thing happened to me around Thanksgiving. I took a look around the forums, and it seemed that other people had experienced similar problems, but there was no real solution to be offered. I tried a few simple things like clearing the calendar data. I even took a look at my gmail calendar, which I don't ever use. Nothing worked, so I ended up removing the widget, which is a shame since I really liked the idea of it.
  7. toomuchgame441

    toomuchgame441 Android Expert

    SAME here, I don't know why it does that.
  8. pclive

    pclive Lurker

    I noticed the same thing yesterday as well. I've been searching diligently with no luck. Hopefully someone at HTC is aware of the issue and possibly working on an update of some sort. That is assuming that the issue is with HTC.
  9. pdragon

    pdragon Android Enthusiast

    Did you add the holidays manually? There is a known issue with all day events showing up improperly. HTC is working on it.

    Personally, I'm subscribed to the public US Holiday's Calendar provided by Google. It's showing the holidays properly.
  10. eyebeam

    eyebeam Extreme Android User

    Really? I have the Google US holidays attached to my calendar and everything shows up correctly - widget view, tap on the day - until I tap on the event IN the day or agenda view, it shows it a day earlier.
  11. treborcj

    treborcj Android Enthusiast

  12. jdbell2004

    jdbell2004 Member

    same issue. hmmm...
  13. pclive

    pclive Lurker

    Though I can't fix the problem, I have figured something out about it. Technically speaking, 12:00:00 AM is NOT the next day. It is in fact, the previous end of the previous day. The best way I can explain this is if you could stop time at exactly 12:00 midnight, then, technically, you would not be into the next day yet. Only when time started again would the next day begin.

    Now I am ok with accepting that 12:00 AM is generally thought of as the beginning of a day. But apparently the HTC Calendar Widget is viewing 12:00 AM as the end of the previous day, just as I have explained above. But the Calendar looks at 12:00 AM as the beginning of the day.

    Additionally, the calendar sees an all-day event as 12:00 AM one day through 12:00 AM the Next day. You can see this for yourself by setting up an all-day event. Once saved, edit the event and uncheck the option for "all day" and you will see that the From & To changes to 12:00 AM one day to 12:00 AM the next day. Obviously there can't be two 12:00 AMs in one day. So this is a problem as well.

    My theory with the Widget can be proven by creating an event to take place two days from the current day. You don't have to set it as an all-day event. Simply set it for 12:00 AM to 12:01 AM (or even just 12:00 AM). Save the event. If, for example, you set this event for Dec. 26, the HTC Calendar Widget will begin showing the event on Dec. 24th (indicating that it is tomorrow, Dec 25). Then on Dec 25, the Widget will indicate that the event is for the current day.

    So while there are a couple of problems between the widget and the calendar, the biggest issue is that the Widget sees 12:00 AM as the end of the previous day. If the widget developer can fix that, then the problem should be fixed.
  14. vacoray

    vacoray Newbie

    My Calender says today is Christmas. Why did i work today?:eek:
    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!:):):)
  15. vwvapor

    vwvapor Member

    Here's the thread I started on this a while back. This issue had nothing to do with the update. I had the problem pre and post update and this issues spans multiple platform and OS as well.


    It's a bug that google knows about for at least a year, but have not fixed yet. The only work around is to use a different widget that reads the calendar differently. The all day events are still broken though. My research has shown this affects all handsets from WM, Nokia, and Pre. Here's some posted questions on Google help dating back as early as Feb 09. I posted a question to Google Help and had no luck and also contacted HTC and received a generic response.

    Calendar All day events show up one day early in Widget App - Google Mobile Help

    All Day Events are Syncing one day earlier than they should. WM 6.1 Samsung Blackjack II - Google Mobile Help

    Calendar showing all day event one day before (Nokia S60) sync - Google Mobile Help

    Dates are still off by one day after sync - Google Mobile Help

    Some events are one day off in my Google calendar. - Google Mobile Help

    All day events (google calendar) still off by one day when syncing with Android / Sprint HTC Hero - Google Mobile Help
  16. baddmann

    baddmann Lurker

    vwvapor: Thanks for the research and confirmation of the problem.

    I have been emailing HTC about this, and it seems that I have been barking up the wrong tree. The last entry on one of the links says that the Moto Droid running 2.0 does not have this problem.

    Can we get better confirmation that this is fixed with 2.0?
  17. pclive

    pclive Lurker

    Hopefully this will get addressed. It is really surprizing that this issue has been around so long and it is not corrected.
  18. bardiferous

    bardiferous Newbie

    FWIW, Calendar on my PC (web version, calendar.google.com) was TWO DAYS off. I did not bother to check the time to see if that was off as well, but here is the discrepancy - after rebooting. And the Windows Date & Time was correct.


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