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Google Calendar Sync not working since upgrade

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PaulineWalton, May 4, 2012.

  1. PaulineWalton

    PaulineWalton Lurker
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    Hi All

    I upgrade two days ago and now everytime I try and sync with my google calendar I get the message "Unfortunately Google Calendar Sync has stopped" Has anyone else had this and able to help. This is dire for me as I use my phone for business and I am out and about quite a bit and need this to work. Had no problems prior to upgrade.:thinking:

    Thanks in advance!!!



  2. AKiwiGirl

    AKiwiGirl Lurker

    Something similar has happened to my Samsung Galaxy S2. Last week while syncing on Kies it advised of a software upgrade and my phone is now Android 4.0.3. Everything is working ok but when I try to sync Kies with my Outlook (MS Office 10) Contacts & Memo sync ok but Schedule sits at 'Preparing to Sync GT-I9100T Schedule ...39%' and will not go any further. I really need to be able to update the calendar on my phone. Can anyone help please?

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