Jan 25, 2020
Google calendar not syncing between my Samsung SM-G950U phone and this, my Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 tablet. Have spent hours looking for a fix. Any clues, please.
It is in there somewhere.
I only posted how to get to it in my device.

As you can see, it's quite simple.
Samsung is probably not so simple.

So, have you entered Auto Sync, or Sync into your settings searchbar?
Another thing to try would be to pull down the quicksettings menu, and look for the 'sync' tile.

If it is not there, then enter the edit mode of the quicksetting menu, and find the sync tile, and bring it into the actile tiles area.
Went to my local Samsung store. The tech tried to get it synced. NoGo. Said the phone's older software will not sync with my tablet. Thanks for trying with me.
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