Nov 17, 2009
I'm trying to use Google Calendar on my phone but when ever I type in my reminder and click "done" nothing shows on the calendar itself. Does anybody have the same problem?
I have the same problem, although it does automatically update my gcal account at It's a bit frustrating, because that's not what I'm after.
Hmm, I can add entries no problem. Click the day, add event, put info in, click done. :thinking:


also just checked my Google calendar online and it was updated.
Not sure what phone you're on but on a htc hero you can have more than one calendar and choose which calendar's events you want to show.

Open the calendar and click on "Menu" > "Calendars" and you get a list the ones you can display. "My Calendar" is the standard one that comes with the phone but there should also be one with your Google account name so make sure that one is selected .

You can also add other calendars to you google account like public holidays and have them displayed as well.