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Google camera app - fix

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CarsnGadgets, Jul 2, 2013.

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    I, like many of you have installed the new "Google Experience" version of the camera app that leaked recently.

    The app is great, but... it has no option or support for saving your photos to the SD card! it can only save to DCIM/Camera.

    As space is precious on the S2 I have been searching for a way to get around this and have (with the help of a Tasker guru on Google+) come up with a solution. All credit to Pete S.

    You will need Tasker installed.
    see the thread on Google+ here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/112684178849886068455/posts/YH8eiZpXTSG
    this shows a screen shot of his task set up to move wallpapers from another app, I adapted it to move my photos, you will need to look at it closely and change a few variable names (call them whatever you like, see below). Important On the List Files action input " *.jpg " to the Match field or it will error.

    Basically you create a profile that lists the contents of DCIM/camera and writes a list of .jpg files to a variable (I called my variable Movephotos), it then copies the files listed to your directory on your SD card. Then it lists the contents of DCIM/camera again and writes them to another variable (I called mine Deletephotos) and deletes the files listed.

    this in effect, moves the files from your internal storage to the SD card.

    You can then use this task like any other, link it to your camera app so that it runs when you close the camera app, or like I have done you can set it to run at certain times of the day, or you could have it do it when you tap a widget etc.

    I hope this helps someone. :D

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