Help Google Contact sync not syncing some contacts


I have problems getting Google Sync to work, I have Sony XPeria X10 Mini Pro with newest software, I think (2.1.something).

I usually organize my contacts in google, not the phone, I had contacts like John 1, John 2, John 3, John Prepaid. Then I took on of those contacts (John 1) and added phone numbers of other contacts under it so that the single contact had many phone numbers. I renamed this to John. Then I deleted every other contact in Google.

But the extra contacts were not deleted in phone even after resync, and the renaming had not happened, and John 1 had multiple duplicates of the same number.

Any ideas? Or is the sync just buggy? Any other way of syncing more reliably (maybe the Sony Ericsson sync...?)


im having the same problem expect google sync deleted the 167 contatcs contacts i had and now i only have the conacts saved w/n the last week, my life is over!


Android Expert
You could try My phone explorer software on your pc, one of its options is to force the sync so that you can choose force from phone to online, from online to over write phone or merge. I am on my mobile device at present so can't give you the link but am sure if you Google it you should find it.