Root Google Contacts not Syncing?!??!

So just got my incredible 2 rooted today, did the bootloader got that working and tried 3 separate roms MIUI, OMFGB (current) and cyanogenmod 7, all of which will not import my google contacts, I assumed verizon backup assistant would work when i started all this but after some reading I found that google contacts would be better/is the only way it can work. So i exported my contacts from verizon then imported them to Google contacts.. and when I set up my google account on my phone everything works, email, calendar etc but no contacts come over :( thanks for any help!


Anybody want a peanut?
I'm on MIUI at the moment so I can't check what the exact locations are for omgfb but if you go into your settings>accounts>Google make sure all appropriate boxes are checked. Then into your people app and import if needed and appropriate boxes checked.