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google docs on android phones?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by mdeamicis, May 13, 2010.

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    Apr 29, 2010

    Apr 29, 2010
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    Before I start, I searched and read all thread that came up on this issue.

    I am seriously considering switching from a windows phone to an android when my contract is up. One of the recent developments I hated was the burying of microSD's into the phone so they are no longer accessible without removing all armor and ripping the battery out. I used to use my old phone like a mobile office and could take my microSD stored files to any desktop with my key chain thumb drive micro reader. /I don;t use outlook so synking is not an option and now I do'nt even use my smart phone a a smart phone anymore. it's like stepping back in time ten years.

    So anyways, I was playing with the androids at the verizon store and mentioned that. He let me know that the new phones act pretty much like a portable drive now, no need for outlook, and that made me pretty happy.

    Now I need to know if google docs works WELL on the android platform. All the treads on this are a bit out of date, at least the ones I have come across so far. And having never used google docs, I only have what I read about it to go on. It sounds like they are cloud based only and you have to be online to edit??? That sounds lame personally but whatever. And does anyone know if google docs has built in formatting for MLA and APA formats etc? I use office07 to do papers for school and the reference citation tools are a necessity for me. Does google docs do those sorts of things. I ask because a smart phone should be a smart phone. and to swith from ms to google for documents I would have to not be taking steps backwards.

    I am loving the phones more and more but it the internet is tho only thing the android has going for it i'll have to pass, I already have a laptop for that. But I am hoping that google docs is a suitable replacement for ms.


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