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Google Drive on Nexus 5 not syncing?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by e_canuck, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. e_canuck

    e_canuck Member
    Thread Starter

    My husband got his Nexus 5 Christmas gift from me early; cannot get Google Drive to sync between the Nexus and our desktop PC. Files uploaded on either not visible to each other. Tried to download and install the supposed Drive sync app for PC and this did nothing. My Nexus 4 syncs fine.

    Same Gmail ID on both. I'm wondering if there's some setting preventing syncing on Nexus 5 from happening unless connected to Wifi, as that seemed to crop up on something else yesterday. Cannot find such a setting on the Nexus 5 though. :thinking:

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  2. e_canuck

    e_canuck Member
    Thread Starter

    Solved it myself, in a way, with a workaround. I've just downloaded and reinstalled the Google drive application for Windows, logging on as my husband during the install. Now he can access Google drive via the application and I'll keep syncing mine via Chrome browser. Drive doesn't seem capable of running two IDs in any one method--only separately via separate methods. If you get my meaning.

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