Google Edition Camera


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This is a touchy subject for me. On 4.0.4 the Google camera trashed my phone. However, on 4.1.2 it works perfectly and may have a little better image quality than the stock camera - purely a subjective claim and not open to debate.

Give it a try for yourself, don't just take my word for it.


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The jelly bean camera works better on my 412, the stock camera doesn't even attempt to focus, while the new one tries. But I have a defective camera on my certified like new device
I believe it is tied to some other apk that I have messed with. As I was going through TB debloating and making some system apk s user apk s, the camera uninstalled itself on me. When I try to restore it using a backup TB just hangs on the process. I know its not an isolated incident because the previous phone I had did the same thing. I figured it out afterwards by double tapping the camera button on the lock screen and the phone automatically goes into reboot...

Thanks for your help