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Jul 26, 2010
Longhorn Land
Sprint guy told me that when I added a Gmail account, that all my contacts would sync to that, etc. Problem - LOTS (ok - most) of the info I have on my phone for my contacts/People is NOT synced to my GMail contact info. My phone went funky the other day so I went to the laptop to grab a friends phone number and realized it wasn't there - only her email address. I haven noticed this with most everyone else, too.

I have read (and was told at Sprint) that at some point I'll likely have to do a master re-set and with the update coming next week, I want to make SURE all my info is stored somewhere.

What am I doing wrong, how do I fix this?
It appears as though the contacts on my phone are now synced to my Google Contacts on my computer, but then it didn't work the other way - I deleted a bunch of contacts I dont use anymore but they are still on the phone. Plus I have a bunch of duplicate, triplicate contacts on my Google account that I have linked on the phone.
On the phone there are "phone" contacts and "google" contacts. Phone contacts don't sync to google, so you need to make sure all your contacts are google contacts. People/Menu/view will show you how many are phone and google.

When you add a new contact via the "add contact" button, you can choose phone or google. I'm pretty sure you can change a current contact from phone to google but can't remember how and haven't been able to figure it out.