Brad Bobak

Aug 26, 2021
I open google home, then when I go to add a device it requests that the 'google' app be installed. So I tried installing it. It says there is a similar app 'google go' that is installed. It won't let me remove it (google go) so I cannot install the regular google app. I did try disabling google go, but It still wont let me install the google app.
Any suggestions?
Google Go is a lightweight version of Google.

It is similar, but not the same.

You cannot do what you are trying to do with that device.

Go apps are installed on low power devices so that they can run better, but have less abilities than the normal apps.

No judgements here, as I love the Go setup.

Well, at least I did, until I went without Google altogether.

The only device I use now that has Google on it is just for games.
I don't really know what I did. I added my smart plugs via smarthome app, then opened google home. It wouldnt let me add anything from smarthome. So I went to bed. Today I looked and all the plugs were in google home app.