Google Goggles in the UK


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Google Goggles is great apart from one thing....

The search seems to stem from and so gives dollar comparison on price searches. Anyone fot any idea how to switch it to (for example) to give price searches in something more relevant to people in the UK?

Pretty ironic given that the software was written in the UK


Googles services generally start out US only and then expand over time. I would guess this will be the same. The issue seems to be more with the Google shopper app which integrates into this and only provides US prices at the moment. Its in Googles interests to roll these services out as soon as possible as search is how they make money so I'm sure it will happen sooner or later.


yeah its usa only atm regarding search location, but i read they are adding uk functionality so just need to wait it out :p

in the meantime jsut use shopsavvy