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Google Hangouts on Galaxy Nexus

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Old Member, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Old Member

    Old Member Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Has anyone figured out how to do a Google+ Hangout?

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  2. dan h

    dan h Member

    go into messenger and send someone a message. Once you do that you will see a camara on the top of the screen and you can invite that person to hangout.
  3. MKeditor

    MKeditor Well-Known Member

    Exactly. It took me a while to figure it out. Not very intuitive...but it works well.
  4. Jay3

    Jay3 Android Enthusiast

    Once you have an ongoing "conversation" with them (from the last time) you can skip right to pressing the camera icon. You don't have to begin every session with a message.
  5. Old Member

    Old Member Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    It doesn't appear in mine. Maybe I need an update but none shows when I go to the market. My dad just got a Gnex too and we were going to use this feature to keep in contact with one another. Hmmm.:thinking:
  6. somato

    somato Newbie

    Yeah go into the market and find the updated G+. Not sure why it doesn't show up in the updates list but I couldn't use Hangouts either until I went and manually got the latest version.
  7. nessthiss

    nessthiss Member

    You might as well use the video chat feature of Google Talk. It's a lot simpler to start a video chat that way and you don't need to have a G+ account.

    I've tried Skype too and had better connectivity with GTalk.
  8. indianajonze

    indianajonze Well-Known Member

    yeah but google talk can't handle you singing bohemian rhapsody with 9 of your closest friends
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  9. Jay3

    Jay3 Android Enthusiast

    Go manually update. It works great for me and my wife (two GNex's). As others have also said, Google Talk is just as good right now and even easier. Start texting each other in GTalk and hit the camera. No update needed, as it had that feature for a while.
  10. Or, have someone start a hangout from their desktop client, and include you in the people they invite to it.

    Then, open Google+ and go into your stream. You should see the option to join the Hangout. Le voila.
  11. indianajonze

    indianajonze Well-Known Member

    ok tried hangout with 4 people tonight. 3 galaxy tab 10.1s and my nexus. the hangout started ok, but we were only able to see the same 2 people's images at any given time. i was under the impression that whenever someone was speaking it was that person's picture that was shown. also, for the life of me we could not figure out how to END the hangout. ended up powering down the tablets...
  12. Lunacy

    Lunacy Member

    What's with the extremely low quality video? Even with the rear camera.
  13. john30308

    john30308 Well-Known Member

    I gave up on Google+ hangout, but Skype video calls work great on this phone. I agree that the pic quality seems worse than it should be.
  14. PeaceMaker

    PeaceMaker Well-Known Member

    Holy crap, I couldn't figure this out either. It's been bugging me... There is no camera button at the top. The camera icon at the bottom just offers me options to upload or take a photo. I can't check the market for a manual update, but when I checked the other day, it didn't pop up as an app that needed to be updated.
  15. NAZology

    NAZology Newbie

    Glad to see a thread on this. Google has updated this a few times but it's still trippin.

    Essentially, you can start a hangout from your phone now, but you cant invite people.

    Until you can invite people it's kind of useless. My buddy last night was switching from his Iphone and Laptop in the hangout, and whenever we wanted to add people he would have to go back to his laptop. We did get 3 people in and the cameras adjusted fine to who was speaking.

    I am going to continue to test it until it works smoothly.
  16. Lunacy

    Lunacy Member

    It won't show up that it needs an update. Just search Google+ in the market. It should have an update button.
  17. PeaceMaker

    PeaceMaker Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that did it. Thank you.
  18. parallax

    parallax Lurker

    I'm still unable to invite people to a hangout that I create from my Galaxy Nexus. I've tested this using my phone and a friend's Google account on a laptop. When I try to start a hangout with my friend through Messenger, on my phone it looks like I've initiated a hangout with his account, but he only gets a notification (in the top right corner of his gmail and google+ screen) but no link to click on that will take him to the hangout. The hangout also does not appear in my stream in Google+. But he's able to start a hangout with me just fine. I've updated the Google+ app, uninstalled it and updated it again today. Is anyone else still having similar problems?

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