Google Home doesn't see Chromecast


I've been casting to my tv from my Android Galaxy s8 with no problems. Primarily YouTube and Netflix. Both sowed the Chromecast icon.
Yesterday, I tried to cast a video, and I couldn't find the Chromecast icon.
I followed all the steps to set up Chromecast, and I get to the end if setup, where my phone tries to connect to Chromecast and I get a message saying, setup was successful but Google Home can't find Chromecast. The tv says setup was successful too.
I'm at a loss

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Are you using a Chromecast device in a HDMI port, or just casting to a Samsung television also. (silly question maybe, but worth understanding in case that's what you meant)


Edit: posted in the Chromecast forum. Missed that. (smacks own forehead) :p
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