Google Lens screwed/stuck, need help


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In order to have a “nice” background, let me first explain the scenario.

It’s is not uncommon for me, that my mom ask me for help because her phone is not working and when i give it a check i find a blackberry emulator installed, running a Solaris emulator WITHIN the blackberry emulation running a program for connecting to an infrared OBD2 scanner…. Yeah, that!

I ask her… WHAT IS THIS?
And she says: I don't know how that got there.

THAT is a very common scenario for me.

Now, my current problem:

I decided to show her how good google lens is, since sometimes she wants to translate something or just to find an object, so she don’t have to type, or to ask what is so she can google it, with google lens she just point at it and then decide what to do, if search for it, if translate it… whatever… but now she asked me for help because her google lens is not translating.

And I found this:

I did reinstall it, update it, restarting the phone, uninstalled recent apps… and nothing, the app is stuck in that view/mode


DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
do this, if you have not done this already:
  • clear cache and data for lens
  • uninstall lens
  • re-install lens
...and see of that helps. sometimes when uninstall an app its data and cache can remain on the device so that when you re-install the app the issue could come back.