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Google Maps: A Home Run.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by jayhawker876, Jun 9, 2010.

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    As well all know this is a great application to download for your android phone. I have spent the last few days talking to friends and collecting some information about how the Google map application works on different carriers and how it compares to other map applications provided by carriers.
    First off, let's talk about the good things about this application. I like that the application is just like it is if you were using your computer. If you've ever used google maps, mapquest, etc. you'll feel right at home.
    Quick run down of the great features:
    <br>-"My Location" allows for you to find your location anywhere in the world without having GPS in your phone
    <br>-It allows for you to use layers to see different levels of the street (Terrain, Hybrid, etc.)
    <br>-Street View, which is pretty neat to see. You can view the world as if you were on the street, which is handy if you want to make sure you are going to the right place. Sometimes it can be a little slow loading I have noticed. Here is a pic of the world cup in South Africa.
    <IMG SRC="http://androidapplications.com/reviewuploads/1f8d2aa152869d75b9d880a6e067b7e5.jpg"/IMG>
    <br>-Business Listings. This is pretty nice to be able to find where any businesses are around you and have reviews and phone numbers in your hand.
    <br>-And of course the directions. You can get driving directions, bicycle directions, and walking directions. The navigation is in beta currently, but it's hard to tell why honestly. The directions work pretty well, it's hard to get redirected though if you're running a slow 3G connection. I don't think the traffic works honestly very well, but I do live in Kansas City. If you want to know local street traffic, this isn't going to help you. Does anyone else find better luck from bigger cities?
    <br>-Buzz program. This allows for you to see what is going on from a map view, as in there might be a car crash or what not. None of my friends have this, and I only occasionally see some buzz. Again I live in Kansas City, maybe someone else sees more buzz.<br>
    <IMG SRC="http://androidapplications.com/reviewuploads/ba870b76227401b50bad6d3f2230f1db.jpg" Height="250" Width="250"/IMG>
    <br>-I heard that they are updating today as well and adding an app to sync with on-star? Pretty cool if you'd be able to do that.
    What I don't like about this application is sometimes I feel it is overly helpful. The point where your like cool, but who uses this? For instance bike navigation. Who pulls out there phone while biking??? Maybe you need an accessory for you phone to mount it on your bike. Buzz is an interesting feature as well. I feel odd checking around town for the buzz on a daily basis, and I'm also unsure if this isn't easily susceptible for advertising. Sometimes I've noticed that everything doesn't match up, so for instance my house is four houses down from where google says it is. Sometimes it doesn't know about work zones and so you'll have to reroute.
    I have a few ideas for them to update or change in the future, some I'm not sure if it would be possible.
    <br>-Coordinating with traffic control in the government to know the timing of lights through town. Think about being rerouted to miss getting stopped at lights.
    <br>-Voice to Navigation Directions. Tell your phone where you want to go. Sprint navigation has a similar feature on it and it works.
    <br>-Someway to merge with you google calendar. Maybe having a to do list added on to you calendar to would be really helpful.
    Overall remember this application is 100% free. This application works best and has the most features for android phones and works as fast as your phone can work. Seriously an awesome application for you to download and try. Compare it to other users. It might not be as good as having a handheld device such as tom tom or garmin, but still great. I have sprint's navigation on my phone as well and I have to prefer google maps as I always use it. I think it's a lot better then apple's app as well with much more features. Download it now!
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