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Google Maps: A MUST for any Android owner.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Just.Me, Jun 12, 2010.

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    I'm fairly new to the Android OS as well as the Motorola line of phones as I'm a former RIM/Blackberry junkie (I now simply own the original Droid) so I'm no expert on smart-phones and don't claim to be so please don't take my word as gospel (plus I can't sing so there). With that said my job (it's important) requires me to know a lot about any and all technologies in numerous industries so that's why I'm here right now. Whether you're a newbie in phones and just "downloading an an APP" sounds as scary and complicated as flying the Space Shuttle or the CEO of Google, one thing is EASY and NECESSARY when purchasing any technology device in the year of 2010.
    Google Maps.
    Yes my friends; it is the Rain Man of Apps in the sense that it's simple yet quite effective and can save your collective happy ass in more ways in one. (Think Steve Jobs and me coming down and escalator).

    Aside from the obvious mapping capabilities, the traffic function is absolutely invaluable, the built in navigator on the Droid is worth a $150.00 GPS system and street view is a blast. For the more experienced Googlers there's Layers (See where family is!) AND IT'S FREE. and don't forget EARTH.

    If you have any questions just Google "Google Maps" and it'll go over it.
    Signing out,
    Happy Apping :)


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