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Google Maps: Google Maps + Android - Wife Complaining = WIN

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Qbfinest83, Jun 9, 2010.

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    Apr 8, 2010
    I love this app it has saved me from getting lost so many times. This has also help me not having to listen to my wife "your lost stop for direction"

    One feature I want to talk about thats in beta and I found out by accident is turn by turn navigation. All you do is get direction and you will get a option to use Navigation. Its so nice and easy. Best of all if you have your GPS turned off (as I do to conserve battery life) it will take you to settings to turn it on.


    This option is nice but its not really up to the minute traffic information. Got stuck in a traffic jammed that showed cleared but does work sometimes.

    Searching by voice is a great option to make you you pick the right address. I would say that the voice option gets about 95% right but the other 5% could kill you however I find myself using this search option more then typing since its suppppppppppper fast.


    Pro tip: Use the car dock when your in the car even if you dont have a car dock. All the main button are really big and its easier to click on which helps reduce you looking at you phone alot which will help reduce accidents.


    This is a must have if you like me and dont like to stop to ask for direction. I love the fact that you can have GPS off and when you need directions GMaps will let you turn it on. Oh best of all its FREE. If you want a video demo here is one from Google.

    YouTube - Google Maps Navigation (Beta)


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