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Google Maps: Google Maps... Directions made easy...

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by mcab, Jun 10, 2010.

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    Are you bad with directions? Maybe get lost really easy? If so, you and i have a lot in common. Me and getting places easily just do not get along very well. Whether it's getting somewhere far or getting somewhere nearby. Even a place where i'm pretty familiar with already i can get lost. So what did i do about it? Well, i got my Android phone with Google Maps already built into it and my life changed. Sound funny? Yeah, it is pretty funny but it doesn't make what i'm saying any less true. Google Maps with Android totally made life so much easier. Whether i'm using just regular directions or using the amazing Navigation, Google Maps is great! Since i started using this app ive yet to get lost. It's so easy and has everything you need. You can even go into map mode and follow yourself as you drive, walk, bike or ride the bus directly from the Map on the phone with an arrow on the map. Doesn't get and better or easier than Google Maps. It's a great app and Google did an amazing job with it. Check it out for yourself! It won't disappoint.


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