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Google maps location history

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by spikeithard, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. spikeithard

    spikeithard Well-Known Member
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    Sep 23, 2010
    London Ontario Canada
    Ok so as of last friday I started trying the location history and so far I think its pretty darn fun! can scroll through past days and it tells you where you where for how long and such (home, work, traveling for 2.5 hours etc)

    but I notice the red lines show you were you have traveled but I dont get how they work.. the red lines cross right through the middle of the city or across farm land? does it update where you are like every 20 minutes or something if you dont have the actual map application open? so it just connects the lines where it seems fit?

    i just wish it showed a directional arrow on the red lines so you can see what way you were heading then.. or a time stamp on the line.

    google, read this and get on it! lol


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