Apr 12, 2010
Birmingham, UK
Hi all,

firstly apologies if this has already been answered but i couldnt find anything: i have a couple of questions about the google maps navigation:

1) how do you enable voice activation so you can search by voice rather than typing stuff in?

2) how on earth do you modify routes so that you can avoid motorways for example? i cant find any way to drag points on the map in the same way you can on the normal PC version of maps?

any help would be much appreciated,

Ok ive figured out the "altering routes" bit: once you have selected "Navigate" you can hit the "Menu" key of the desire and choose the "Route Info" option. From this screen you can hit the on-screen button with two "cogs" and then select avoid main roads/tolls.

From the route info screen you can also hit the button next to the two cogs which will generate a new route each time you press it.

Would still be nice to know how to alter the route by dragging a pin on the map or something..but this achieves what i personally need it to do for now.