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Google maps navigation gone mad - upside down or left or right

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by OM2, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. OM2

    OM2 Well-Known Member
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    I don't quite know when it happened, but my Google Maps Navigation has gone mad!

    I'm driving somewhere and it will decide to show me the route travelling sidewards - instead of just damn showing me upwards (or forwards - depends how you want to describe)

    And sometimes, it bloody turns upside down!!
    I'm going forward, but the map will display downwards
    The only guidance I have is the big arrow
    Forget paying attention to the road - I have to keep my eye on that damn arrow and work out in my head which way it's oriented!

    I've looked through every damn setting you can make - of which there aren't really any options and I can't find any settings

    Have google gone mad??
    I'm pretty sure it's a setting somewhere I've missed
    Or are they feeling sorry for Tomtom and trying to let them back into the market?

    EDIT: I'm using a HTC Desire, UK, on O2 network - not sure if required, but I thought I'd add




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    Post #4 by OM2, Oct 15, 2011 (1 points)
  3. itsallgood

    itsallgood Android Expert

    Have you tried powering off the phone, taking out the battery? I experianced this once and just powered off my phone. That fixed the problem.
  4. Hrethgir

    Hrethgir Android Expert

    Sounds like the compass might need to be recalibrated. Settings -> Location and security -> Calibrate compass. Follow the instructions and see if that helps.
  5. OM2

    OM2 Well-Known Member
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    thanks for the replies guys
    i found out the answer from somewhere else
    on the navigation screen there is an icon for compass
    if u press this, it makes the map always point north - if u press again, it makes it come back to normal

    i guess i might have just accidentally tocuhed the compass without realising

    i was cursing google because i thought they had screwed up the software with the last update or something!
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  6. Juicylicious

    Juicylicious Lurker

    Let me tell you I had to go pick up a puppy and navigate back with her whining and the darn gps had me upside down and I didn't understand what the hell was wrong i was about to remove it and re install the darn thing. Thank you , this is proof what google will get you, some good answers that actually help. Tricky lil compass button grrrrr
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  7. Android is like windows. They dont know how to make their apps intuitive. Customizing is good but not at the expense of it being intuitive. Apple is far superior.

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