Nov 16, 2009
I went to put in an address this morning in google navigation to use for the first time and it had several addresses cached that I had searched on my laptop when looking up stuff on google maps. How do I clear these cached addresses out of my phone?
Disregard I figured it out. I had to log into my google account in my computer and clear all the map history.
I have had problem with my google navigation on 2.1 on Sprint Hero also. I have been testing it out the past few days and sometimes at random it stops working and kicks back to the home screen. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no luck so far. Does anyone else have this problem or the answer? Thanks.
I have an issue with maps as well... anytime i open even for like 5 mins if I go into settings to see what has been using my battery it says maps and like 60-93% don't know why it is using so much for only using it for 5 mins.. and it wont go away until I turn phone off then on... any ideas? I tried pressing menu but nothing happens was looking for an exit option... but nothing
It is clearly labeled as bets... try to determine how to report your bugs to Google so that the product can evolve enough to be useful.

I tried it once, and will uninstall it. It has potential, but as of today Sprint Navigator is superior from my observation.

Google recalculated my route 3 times while I was sitting at a light... including having me back up and go around the block. My guess is that minor deviations in the GPS location are seen as changes of car direction to the software... even when standing still it is far to sensitive to minor changes. They need a routine to ignore changes under a certain distance.
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